Estate Planning

Many people think you need to be rich to have an estate plan.
In reality, estate planning can work for everyone.

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What is an estate plan?

Together, we create a financial plan to help you (and your family) reach your goals. An estate plan helps protect what you built when you’re gone.

It helps to think of it in five parts:


1. Who gets your assets?

2. How will those assets be given?


3 Who will make your healthcare decisions?

4 Who will make your financial decisions?

5 Who will care for your children?

Why do you need an estate plan?


Don’t let the wrong person make important decisions.

You can make the important decisions now.


When you die, your will goes through probate, and your assets become public record.

A trust keeps your assets private in some states.

Peace of mind

Accidents happen all the time.

Make sure you and your loved ones are protected.

What goes into an estate plan?


The legal document that specifies what you want to happen to your assets when you die.


You name a successor trustee who will handle your assets when you die.

Medical Directive

This is someone who will make decisions for you if you’re in a coma or incapacitated.

Power of Attorney

You don’t just need someone making medical decisions, you also need someone to sign the checks.

The process

Everything is designed to optimize tax planning at a high level, and should work with our financial plan.


Takes 20-30 minutes. You simply fill out information.


The ~80-page packet comes with a guide, so you don’t have to parse legalese.


Transferring titles, getting things notarized … these are what make your Plan official

How much does an estate plan cost?

Will based plan


Trust based plan


Peace of mind

An estate plan can help you achieve peace of mind:


To make big decisions for yourself … And to choose who makes them if you can’t


Ensure what we’re working for lasts for the long term.


Make sure your kids have guardians you trust. Leave a legacy for your loved ones.

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Ready for your Estate Plan?

This service is available for estate valued at less than 10 million dollars or 20 million for a couple.

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