Make the best financial decisions for yourself, your family, and your future.

Oui Financial specializes in helping French-Americans with all of their investment activities in the United States.

Are your wealth management strategies hitting their target?

Managing your money as a French National living in the United States is a complex task with various challenges. In-depth and bilingual expertise in the tax, legal, and economic environment of the two countries is essential for the best possible outcome.

At Oui Financial, we share our expertise with our French clients who live in the United States daily. We empower you with the means – and knowledge – to make the most informed decisions about your money. 

Simplify Your French-American financial Life

We simplify your French-American financial challenges by providing a practical and straightforward approach to the world of American finance.

We offer a free initial consultation during which we’ll discuss your situation and goals and answer your questions.

  • Where and how to invest
  • Budget creation and control
  • Money-Saving tips
  • Strategies for debt management
  • Optimize your taxes

How Oui Financial is Different From The Rest

Financial Education

At Oui Financial, we empower you with the means and knowledge needed to make the best decisions regarding your capital, large or small.

Professional Ethics

We prioritize your financial interests. Unlike some financial advisers in the United States, we don't sell financial products, nor do we receive commissions.

Personalized Support

Oui Financial has the experience to understand your situation, whether you're new to the United States, settled for the long term, or ready to return to France.

Socially Responsible

Oui Financial makes it a priority to invest primarily in socially responsible funds that offer growth and sustainability.

Develop your financial plan for life in the United States.
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We prioritize your financial interests

We don’t sell financial products.

We don’t receive commissions.