About us

Our mission is to help French and French-American families optimize their finances in the United States.

What are the differences between IRA, Roth IRA, 401K, 403b, and 529 accounts. Are you unsure whether to sell ​​or keep your stock options, wondering what to invest in, and looking for ways to optimize your taxes in the United States and France?

Oui Financial supports you throughout your financial and investment project.

We provide a practical and straightforward approach to the world of American finance. We offer a free initial consultation during which we’ll discuss your situation and objectives and answer your questions.

  • Where and how to invest
  • Budget creation and control
  • Money-Saving tips
  • Strategies for debt management
  • Tactics to optimize your taxes

Our goal is to give you the means – and the knowledge – necessary to make the best decisions about your money and financial future. We don’t sell financial products and don’t receive commissions.

Guillaume Decalf

"I am listening to you" - Guillaume Decalf, CEO

With a business school diploma in hand, I began my career in France in 2003 as a consultant specializing in process analysis and optimization. In 2010, I left my job to start a career in San Francisco. I worked in different technology companies, including Amazon and Fitbit.

I discovered a world very different from France. A world where the government does not cover health insurance, retirement, and education. Based on this observation, I did in-depth research on the subject to optimize my financial situation as much as possible, and then that of my compatriots in the same situation. My many successes in this area have brought me new demands outside my circle of friends.

So I got my license (Series 65) and launched Oui Financial, my independent financial planning and investment firm, in 2018. I also have the GFP Designation (cross-border financial planning) and the certificate in blockchain and digital assets (RIADAC)

Your financial interest is our priority

We do not sell financial products.

We do not receive commissions.